Paid social media advertising

Proactively reach your consumer before they search

Paid social media media advertising can be an extremely powerful tool for reaching your customer, particularly when launching a new brand, product or service. Instead of relying on them to search for you, you can run an advert targeting them on anything from interests and location to age range and profession. Further to this we can also run re-marketing campaigns to existing customers who have visited your website.

paid social targeted boosting

Targeted Boosting

Increase engagement and ensure your social media feed remains to be seen

With recent Facebook updates now resulting in less than 2% of page followers actually seeing posts, this has never been more important. Allocating time to implementing back-end targeting is a great means of increasing the reach and engagement on company posts. 

Accelerated user growth and engagement

Increase followers and likes on social media without damaging your brand

Years of experience have honed our skills in developing a strategy (using social listening) for accelerated social media growth and engagement - without the use of unethical approaches (such as bots) which can be damaging to your brand. Accelerated user growth and engagement will ensure that you’re attracting users who are more likely to engage with you and share your services with others.