Results focused digital marketing strategy and reporting

Performance reporting

With so many channels and systems, it can be tricky to drill down to how your digital strategy is really performing. We’ll help to streamline this process, clearly reporting what is working (and what isn’t) which will then allow for tangible changes to be implemented.

Digital marketing strategy

Many of our clients prefer to use us on an ongoing consultancy basis in order to help plan and support digital marketing activity throughout the year. Following an initial discussion with you we will conduct a digital marketing performance review and take key learnings in order to formulate a results-focused digital strategy that works for you and your budget. This could include increasing your average click-through rate (CTR) on email campaigns, driving a greater share of enquiries through your website, improving your visibility in search via SEO or running more targeted campaigns through paid social media.

Performance focused UX audits

How do you know if your website is performing well? Using data analysis and UX best practice we can take a deeper look into the user experience of your website, providing recommendations into how to improve the customer journey and optimise it’s performance to be inline with your business goals. We’ll work with you to define your objectives and set up measurable goals to track your performance over the year.

Social media strategy

Accelerated social media growth and engagement

Growing your audience efficiently and authentically can be a tough nut to crack in the competitive world of social media. Years of experience have honed our skills in developing a strategy (using social listening) for accelerated social media growth and engagement - without the use of unethical approaches which can be damaging to your profile and brand.

Organic social media

It’s worth going the extra mile to develop consistency across your organic social channels, especially with how your branding is presented. We work collaboratively with designers and copywriters to come up with ideas of how your media and messaging will look and the objectives behind each post.

Paid social media advertising

Advertising through social channels has become increasingly sophisticated and it is a brilliant resource to reach new and existing audiences at each stage of the purchasing funnel. Our team are experts in creating paid advertising campaigns across Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn and will work to continually optimise, reform and track the performance to gain maximum results from your adverts.